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Zhejiang Marine Fisheries Research Institute, which was established in 1953, is a nonprofit provincial scientific research institute. This institute is mainly engaged in the fields of marine fishery resources, focusing on the following topics: fishery resources and ecosystem, mariculture and enhancement, fishery environment and quality test for aquatic products. Meanwhile, public nonprofit researches such as mariculture disease prevention, feasibility assessment of the use of sea areas, ocean fishery, fishery engineering design and so on are also engaged. In June 2001, the institute was incorporated into Zhejiang Ocean University according to the No.1  Document of Zhejiang government, which is now under the leadership of both Zhejiang Ocean University and Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Zhejiang Province.


The institute is made up of marine fishery resource laboratory, marine fishery environmental laboratory, mariculture laboratory, marine engineering surveying and mapping laboratory, aquaculture engineering design of the business units and some subordinate units. Including two ministerial service platforms: Fishery Environment & Aquatic Product Quality Supervising & Testing Center of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ministry (Zhoushan), Research Station For Fisheries Resources of Key Fishing Ground Of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ministry. One provincial key laboratory (Zhejiang province Key Lab of Mariculture & Enhancement), and four specialized laboratories (Joint Laboratory of Nutrition and Feed for Marine Fish, Marine Culture Disease Prevention Center of Zhejiang Province, Laboratory of Marine Biology & ecology and Germplasm Resources & Molecular Biology lab).


Among the 135 staffs, 110 persons are professional technicians, 37 of whom own high rank titles (9 advanced researchers and 28 senior researchers), 11 persons are the mentors for students studying for the master’s degree, and 14 persons have received special allowance from the government. Besides, one has been awarded National Prominent Expert, two persons have been conferred the title of “Young and Middle-aged Experts” and one has won the medal of “Prominent Expert of Agricultural Science and Technology” from the government of Zhejiang province. Since her establishment, the institute has made over 170 major research achievements, including 9 national awards and over 90 ministerial and provincial awards. She has also made significant contributions to the development of marine fishery of Zhejiang province in the fields of mariculture, marine fishery resources investigation and assessment, marine fishing, fishery environment and fishery products quality supervision and test, etc. In short, the institute has greatly promoted the marine fishery resource of Zhejiang province.